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As we approach summer, don't forget to start working on your family summer bucket list.

As we approach summer, don’t forget to start working on your family summer bucket list. You won’t be disappointed as the summer rolls around and you find your children saying, “I’m bored” or you’re struggling to get them to try new things. Make your own or download ours. 

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We are always looking for things to do in the summer, so my family and I made it a little bit easier and wrote out a summer bucket list of things we would like to do as a family. That way when we are trying to figure it out, we can just pick from our list. It was super fun for me because I am a big list maker! I get out my favorite pens and stationary and have a ball! Grocery lists, goal lists, cleaning lists… I even have a list book! (Okay I’m sounding like a lot of fun, haha!)

One thing I’m most excited for is the lemonade stand! I think it’s because it brings back memories from when I was little and nothing is better than sharing those memories with your kids. I can picture us on a hot summer day with fresh lemonade and nothing to do but make memories and a little cash for the kids of course. Plus, this is an amazing project for children. Making the product, gathering the supplies, setting up “shop,” pricing the drink and finding the courage to talk to customers. If you have little ones, this can be a big step, but as the children get older, they can take on more responsibility by counting money and encouraging buyers to purchase more than just one cup!

While making this list, it’s important to customize it! If you and your family don’t want to have an up all night party then have a pajama day! Make it your own. Or make it easy and use ours! Download our Summer Bucket List Here.

50 Things to do before summer ends
1. Have an up all night party
2. Go hiking
3. Go camping
4. Visit an animal shelter
5. Visit your grandparents
6. Keep a summer journal
7. Collect rocks and paint them
8. Watch the sunset/sunrise
9. Make a backyard Jenga
10. Visit a waterpark
11. Take a road trip
12. Make fresh fruit ice pops
13. Bake the best chocolate chip cookies
14. Take a family yoga class
15. Visit a zoo
16. Take a pottery class
17. Do a beach day
18. Go to the park
19. Walk your dog
20. Have a family game night
21. Pick fresh berries at a local farm
22. Have a lemonade stand
23. Take cookies to a fire/police station
24. Go geocaching
25. Go to an outdoor movie
26. Visit a dark sky park
27. Make homemade milkshakes
28. Ride go carts
29. Run through a sprinkler
30. Make Jell-O jigglers
31. Go to a semi-pro baseball game
32. Fly a kite
33. Build a Sandcastle
34. Try paddle boarding
35. Go backyard camping
36. Buy a stranger’s dinner
37. Make homemade lemonade
38. Plant a tree
39. Plant a herb garden
40. Host a barbecue
41. Make a bird feeder
42. Have a day with no electronics
43. Wash your car
44. Visit a splash pad
45. Play frisbee golf
46. Write a real letter and mail it
47. Make homemade pizza
48. Visit a museum
49. Rainy day movie day
50. Splash in puddles

As we approach summer, don't forget to start working on your family summer bucket list.

Don’t forget to add these two projects to your summer bucket list:

Our favorite Classic Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies and these Strawberry Kiwi Ice Pops.

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