50 Things To Bring Camping

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With summer approaching fast, you'll want to check out this list: 50 Things To Bring Camping.

With summer approaching fast, you’ll want to check out this list: 50 Things To Bring Camping.

Most people that know me are shocked when they find out I camp. I might like love my make-up, hair straightener, cute clothes, and showers, but I also LOVE camping.  Maybe It’s because my Dad always took my brother and I camping, or the Girl Scout days camping as a troop, but every summer I look forward to camping. My favorite things include starting the campfire, making S’mores and exploring. I hate the bugs, though! And they know it!

Camping is so much fun as long as you plan ahead. It’s no fun sitting in a tent, when it’s raining, drenched because you forgot a tarp and a raincoat. So here’s my list of things you must pack for camping:

  1. Tent
  2. Sleeping bags
  3. Air mattress: Don’t forget the pump and batteries for the pump
  4. Pillows
  5. Two large tarps: One for under your tent and one to tie above
  6. Flashlights: One for everyone in your party
  7. Extra batteries
  8. Bug repellent
  9. Citronella candle: Bugs are the worst part about camping
  10. Lighter/waterproof matches
  11. Fire starters: You won’t need to search for kindling
  12. Tablecloth: You’ll want this for all those dirty picnic tables
  13. Food: And don’t forgot the essentials to make s’mores
  14. Aluminum foil: To help with all your cooking needs
  15. Water/drinks
  16. Cooler: Filled with ice
  17. Paper plates and utensils
  18. Can opener
  19. Water bottles
  20. Fold up chairs
  21. First aid kit
  22. Antibacterial wipes/sanitizer
  23. Backpack: For hiking
  24. Tennis shoes/hiking boots
  25. Swim suits: If you’re going near a lake or beach
  26. Towels
  27. Rope: for your clothesline
  28. Clothespins: To dry out and wet clothes you might have
  29. Utility knife
  30. Radio: So you can jam out, of course
  31. Compass: In case you get lost
  32. Sunglasses: Keep the sun out of your eyes
  33. Medicine/medications: Allergy medicine might come in handy
  34. Toiletries: Even though you’re camping you don’t wanna stink
  35. Garbage bags: This will be great for garbage, dirty clothes, wet clothes
  36. Warm clothes/layers: Night time can get a little chilly
  37. Camera: So you can document your memories
  38. Cell phone/charger
  39. Beach toys: In case there’s a beach/sand nearby
  40. Raincoats: You can never be too prepared
  41. Hammock: The kind that you can tie to trees
  42. Hats: Keep the sun out of your face and the dirt out of your hair
  43. Sunblock: Your already roughing it, you won’t want a sunburn
  44. Duct tape: You never know how this could come in handy
  45. Toilet paper: Self explanatory
  46. DIY hand washing station: water, bucket, paper towel, soap
  47. Whistles: These will help you locate your party or in case of emergency
  48. Calamine lotion: Will help with any bug bites
  49. Aloe vera: In case of a sunburn
  50. Card games, magazines, books: For down time and rainy days

Is there something crucial I’m missing that’s going to make my camping experience better? I need to know!! Leave your comments below!

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With summer approaching fast, you'll want to check out this list: 50 Things To Bring Camping.

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