Staycation Ideas: Spring Break Bucket List for Families

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Need some staycation ideas for spring break? Check out our Spring Break Bucket List for Families.

Need some staycation ideas for spring break?  Check out our Spring Break Bucket List for Families.

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I love Family Bucket Lists. It’s a way to sit down together and discuss everyone’s dreams, goals, and places you’d all like to see, things you’d like to do, places you’d like to eat, etc. Sitting down as a family and discussing all things you’d like to do is also a great time to get to know your husband, wife, or kids even better.

You might find out as you’re working on some staycation ideas for spring break that your loved one always wanted to go skydiving, or your significant other has always wanted to wallpaper the dining room. Maybe you’re youngest wants to visit a coffee shop to enjoy a big mug of chocolate cocoa. No matter what, get the family together and start brainstorming on a few staycation ideas for spring break and you’ll have your Spring Break Bucket list ready in no time!

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Have a fire in your fire pit: Make a dinner out of it. Grab some hot dog, chips, and of course ingredients to make s’mores. Your kids will love eating dinner outside and you’ll get a chance to bond as a family.
  2. Plants seeds: Paint a few terra cotta pots, plant some seeds inside with a little soil and transfer them to the garden after the last frost.
  3. Visit the Humane Society: Bring the family and get those animals out of their kennels! Take the dogs out for a walk and some one on one play time. My friend and I did this this week and the dogs loved sitting on our laps and getting some love.
  4. Go for a bike ride: Get your bikes tuned up, dusted off, and out of storage! Head on out for a few hours to enjoy the beautiful Spring weather.
  5. Make a DIY bird feeder: This is usually the time the birds start chirping and are out looking for food. This DIY Milk Carton Bird Feeder will be like Christmas for the birds.
  6. Make a fairy garden: These adorable things are all over Pinterest. So get your ideas and get your family to be creative together.
  7. Yard work: Rake, weed, sweep…Ok so this might not be super fun but you’ll get it out of the way, have a clean yard, and you can watch your littles enjoy the sunshine and smell of Spring.
  8. Sign up for a fun run: Get motivated as a family and enter into a fun run like a color run or 5K. You can run, walk, or jog your way through as a family. A lot of run runs have great causes and with everyone being covered in colors or dressed for the themed event,  you won’t even notice how fast or slow you are!
  9. Stay a night at a hotel or bed and breakfast: With most hotels having pools, breakfast, and housekeeping, you can feel like you’re away when you’re not. Stay a night or two and enjoy a getaway with your family. You can often find weeknight deals to hotels online.
  10. Garage Sales: Since Spring is usually a time people love to declutter it’s a great time to find deals at garage/yard sales. I love finding unique furniture items and redoing them into something a little more exciting.

There is an endless list of staycation ideas you can create with your family. I hope this helps your family make your spring break bucket list and you’ll get to have some fun and try something new!

What are your Spring Break Plans? Let us know in the comment section below!

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Need some staycation ideas for spring break? Check out our Spring Break Bucket List for Families.


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