Perler Bead Pineapple Keychain

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Great Summer Crafts for Kids

If you like Pina Coladas and making Perler Beads then this Perler Bead Pineapple Keychain is a perfect craft for you!

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When I was little I loved anything to do with crafting. These beads were always a favorite of mine. They used to come with little idea sheets, but with Pinterest around now you can search Perler Bead ideas and the ideas are pretty much endless. I bought the huge mixed bag of beads and my son and I made a lot of cool things together but this was one of my favorites, my pineapple keychain. I’m seeing pineapples on everything right now, shirts, phone cases, stationary, etc. So that’s why I decided on it. It reminds me of summer. Here’s everything you’ll need:


First you’ll want to print off your free pineapple template and lay it next to you. Start by using your tweezers to pick up your yellow beads and place a row of six towards the bottom of your large hexagon pegboard. Then outline to rest of your pineapple with more yellow beads. Add your green beads to the top of the pineapple for the stem. Now make three triangle points inside the pineapple with your brown beads. Then just fill in the remaining area with your yellow beads.


Carefully lay a piece of ironing paper over your pineapple beads and iron on a dry setting for about 20-30 seconds. Carefully (it will be hot) peel the paper back and your beads should stick to the paper. Place another piece of ironing paper over the other side of the pineapple and iron again for another 20-30 seconds on a dry setting. Let your beads cool down, then poke a hole through your top beads and slide your keychain loop through. Add to your keychain for a cute summer look.


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