DIY Rainbow Rag Wreath

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This rainbow rag wreath is attractive and simple to make!

This rainbow rag wreath is attractive and simple to make!

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I am all about sprucing up our home on a budget, whether it’s thrifting at my favorite resale shop or perusing a local garage sale, I love a good deal. I also like to use up what I have at home and try to upcycle as much as possible. This attractive rainbow rag wreath is no exception.

I had some colorful rainbow quilting fabric leftover from a previous craft and was trying to think of how I could use the remaining fabric. I remembered my mom making her own rag wreath one time when I was a kid and I got the idea in my head. I had the fabric, I just needed a wire frame for the wreath. I didn’t want my wreath too large though. The larger the wreath, the more fabric you need and I only had my leftovers. Other than that, this project took less than 2 hours and involved no sewing or gluing whatsoever. Score!

This rainbow rag wreath is attractive and simple to make!

First, you’ll need some quilting fabric of your choice. Next, you will need a 12″ wire wreath frame, a sharp pair of scissors and you can get to work.

Cut your fabric into strips that are about 2″ wide and 4″ (or longer) in length. You don’t want the strips too short, otherwise they are a pain to tie. Cut one piece of fabric and tie it on to test how easily it is to tie, how the length looks and if you like it. Then, cut all other strips of fabric the same length. If the strips end up being too long, you can always trim them when you are done.

Once your strips are cut, alternate colors and simply wrap around the wire wreath frame as shown in the photo above, and knot. Repeat until the wreath is full. When you are done, fluff the rag strips out as needed. That’s it! Easy and cute!

Materials Needed:


  1. Cut the fabric into 4″-5″ strips about 2″ wide.
  2. Take one piece of fabric at a time and fold it over the wire frame and then knot. Repeat with all the other strips, alternating colors.
  3. Repeat this process until all the strips are used or the wreath is full.
  4. Once the wreath is finished, fluff the fabric out and trim the fabric strips as needed.

That’s it and it doesn’t take long at all once you get tying.

This rainbow rag wreath is attractive and simple to make!

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