Kids Upcycled K-Cup Whale Craft

The kids will love this cute upcycled whale craft!

The kids will love this cute upcycled whale craft!

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Hot, delicious coffee. You all know how much I enjoy my steaming hot cup of coffee every morning and today was no different. I enjoyed my hot of coffee this morning bright and early while surrounded by my littles asking me, ‘What are we doing today, mom? What are we doing today, mom?’ every 5 minutes. Sometimes I just like to stay home and relax. Ok, kid??!! Now, go find something to do. Just give me 5 minutes. Alone. Please. I’m begging you. Little did they know that while drinking my coffee I already had a fun whale craft in mind.

But I digress, I had a few things planned today (taking the boat out on the lake was one) and the other was a fun whale craft for my girls. They absolutely love to craft with their mama and they love the upcycling k-cups as much as I do! We love turning trash into little treasures. Today we worked on this adorable little whale craft. It’s so easy and fun and best of all, we’re upcycling something that would’ve gotten thrown away.

Let’s get started! First, you will want to wash your used k-cup and let it air dry. Next, spray paint your k-cups in a well ventilated area. I do all the spray painting out in our garage with the garage door open. I mentioned in my previous upcycled turtle k-cup craft post that I like to paint multiple k-cups at a time. That way, when the girls want to craft I have a stack of k-cups painted and ready to go.

After the k-cups have dried, you can begin making your whale. First, add some googly eyes and draw a mouth using a Sharpie marker. Next, cut a tail and some fins out of blue construction paper. I did this all by eye and let the girls work on gluing everything on. It doesn’t have be perfect. This is a kids craft. Lastly, I took a white pipe cleaner and cut it into (3) 2″ pieces. I used a pair of scissors to make the k-cup hole at the top of the whale a little bigger and then squeezed the 3 white pipe cleaners into it and bent them over to look like the whale’s water spout. Voila! Not including paint drying time, this cute little craft only takes minutes to put together and the kids loved playing with them when we were done.



  1. Spray paint your used k-cups in a well ventilated area and let them dry. Check them after an hour and if needed, re-spray and let dry again.
  2. Once the paint is dry you can begin constructing your whale.
  3. Attach 2 googly eyes to the whale using the glue stick and draw a mouth using the large black Sharpie marker.
  4. Next, use the scissors to cut out the whale’s tail and 2 fins.
  5. Lastly, take 1 white pipe cleaner and cut into (3) 2″ sections. Use the sharp, pointy end of the scissors to make the hole in the bottom (top of the whale) k-cup a little bigger. Gently insert the (3) 2″ pipe cleaner sections into the hole and bend them over to resemble the whale’s spout.

There you have it, a super cute and easy whale craft for kids!

We have lots of things you can make with empty k-cups!

The kids will love this cute upcycled whale craft!


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