9 Things to do When Camping With Kids

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Are you going camping as a family and don’t know what to do? Check out our 9 Things to do When Camping With Kids.

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Camping is such a fun family activity when your prepared. I always try to be as best prepared ahead of time so I can relax and make memories when I’m camping with the kids. I’ve found these 9 Things to do When Camping With Kids to be super helpful when we go.

  1. Rules: Establish rules before you go including but not limited to boundaries, check-in, buddies, and fire safety.
  2. Toy tub: Grab one of those plastic storage containers and pack it with sport balls, jump ropes, squirt guns, sidewalk chalk, frisbees and glow sticks. That way if the kids get bored, they can go right  to the toy tub to find something to do.
  3. Preset their clothes: While packing, arrange your child’s outfit each day in a pile including shirt, shorts/pants, underwear, and socks and place them in a freezer bag with their name on it that way they can each grab a bag and get dressed quickly and easily.
  4. Make your own fire starters: Instead of sending the kids off into the wood to find birch bark or scrap paper, make a few fire starters with empty toilet paper rolls filled with dryer lint and package them in a plastic bag.
  5. Be prepared: Be prepared for all weather, it’s one thing when it rains and you have to sit in your tent all day but when your whole family has to it’s not gonna be as quiet. Pack some card games like Uno, Skip-Bo, or Salmwich. And make sure to pack rain jackets/ponchos and umbrellas in case you want to sit around the fire or walk to the bathroom.
  6. Snacks: Pack snacks and pack more snacks, the kids are going to be running around all day and are going to need energy. There’s also a fire pit and your kids are going to want to use it so pack lots of ingredients to make s’mores too.
  7. First-Aid: Don’t just bring band-aids, pack alcohol wipes, hand sanitizer, tweezers, and everything that comes in a first aid kit.
  8. Plan: Plan lots of adventures to keep everyone busy like hiking, family football/wiffleball, canoeing and swimming. Team scavenger hunts are always fun too.
  9. Flashlights/lanterns: Every kid is going to want their own flashlight, it never fails and who can blame them they’re super fun to play with in the dark. Make sure to pack extra batteries as well.

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9CampingKidsPINAre you going camping as a family and don't know what to do? Check out our 9 Things to do When Camping With Kids.

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