7 Father’s Day Gifts Dad Really Wants

7 Amazing DIY Father's Day Gifts you'll want to make and display!

7 Amazing DIY Father’s Day Gifts you’ll want to make and display!

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Let’s face it, there are some really cute Father’s Day gifts to make for that special dad in your life. But in reality, what are we going to do with those gifts, or rather, what is dad going to do with those gifts? Of course he will love it and thank the child that gave it to him, but will it eventually end up in the recycle bin? We’ve rounded up some great DIY Father’s Day gifts that Dad might actually keep and display for years to come!

  1. My Dad Rocks Picture Frame. This frame would be perfect for any man in your life – dad, grandpa, uncle or a teacher! The supplies can be purchased quite inexpensively and it’s something masculine enough to display on a desk, mantle or in your man cave. Visit MommyMoment for instructions.
  2. Practical Personalized Gifts. The keyword here is practical. Getting dad something he actually needs and adding a little of your child’s own flair to it with a fabric marker or sharpie is genius. Plus, if another co-worker at work or the jobsite has the same item, this dad will know exactly which one is his! Visit Thinking Outside the Sandbox Family for details.
  3. Painted Coffee Mug.
    Most dads I know love coffee. And letting the kids have a stab at “off limits” markers to write on things makes them super happy. And don’t worry if the kids don’t follow your directions exactly, their imaginations can allow for some good laughs in the future. Instructions at Julie is Coco and Cocoa.
  4. Pallet Signs. Pallets are all the rage and I love this simple but masculine sign for dad. The kids can certainly help pounding the nails (with adult supervision, of course) and will love using the hammer! Visit Ribbons and Glue for easy instructions.
  5. Food. Food is one of my favorite gifts to give (and receive) because we all need to eat! Food is especially good for those people you don’t know what to buy for, and can be very affordable. Check out this Superhero gift package from Leealicious. Make a list of  dad’s favorites and start your gift package now.
  6. Family Photo. This is a great personalized idea! Most of us have smartphones and can shoot a few photos of the kids and send them directly from your phone to have them printed! Sometimes easier than printing at home. Dad will love this photo of the favorite little people in his life and you’ll enjoy displaying it. Thanks to DIY Inspired for sharing!
  7. Rustic DIY Frame. This is one of my favorites, because it adds a touch of hand made with a desire to actually display it! This would be perfect in your own home, dad’s office or shop and it’s quite affordable to make. Instructions at GrowingUpGabel.

While I still love a good Father’s Day hand print craft, I leave it up to the kids to decide to make it, or count on day care to whip those cute things up for dad. No matter what we give dad, we always make a handmade card.

7 Amazing DIY Father's Day Gifts you'll want to make and display!

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