5 Ways A Dog Will Change Your Life

Owning a dog will change your life for the better!

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How many of us have owned a pet at one time or another? Regardless of what kind of pet you had, they were your companion and sometimes referred to as our best friends. I am an animal lover at heart and I find this to be so true. Growing up on a farm I had a multitude of cats and dogs from the time I could walk. I even had a goose! Now that I am older, I am a dog owner and my husband jokes that I would be crazy dog lady if he wasn’t around. He’s probably right.

I love my dog, Charlie. She is my oldest child and yes, I am one of those pet parents that refers to my dog as my child and I even refer to her as the kids sister. Charlie is a pure bred German Shorthair Pointer and she just turned 11 years old this past July. She is the sweetest dog ever. My husband and I adopted her as a puppy a few months before we got married. I had puppy fever and my husband wanted a hunting buddy. He had grand plans of training her to hunt birds but then life happened. We got married, built a house and started having children all within a year. The only thing my baby girl hunts now is cheeseburgers and sloppy joes. She loves us unconditionally and doesn’t expect anything in return.

Owning a dog will change your life for the better!

Like a lot of pet parents, I want to give my dog the best. Charlie is always there for me when I need her and never asks for anything in return. She loves nothing more than cuddling next to me on the couch after I put the kids to bed or playing catch with her ball outside. And, she doesn’t complain, whine or cry like my human kiddos.

Because I love giving Charlie the best, I only buy her Milk-Bone Dog Biscuits. Her favorite Milk-Bone Biscuits are the Small/Medium Flavor Snacks. They are the perfect size for her and she knows every time we come in from outside, she gets a treat.

Milk-Bone is celebrating its 20th Anniversary with Canine Assistants this year. Canine Assistants is a non-profit organization that trains and provides service dogs to children and adults with physical disabilities and special needs. Milk-Bone has created a heartwarming video that showcases some of the dogs and pet parents we’ve helped over the years to show viewers just how dogs are more!

Charlie has taught us that love is unconditional and that we can love without asking for anything in return and after watching the Milk-Bone Canine Assistants video I think you will agree. It brought happy tears to my eyes and if you watch it, you will see why!

5 Ways A Dog Will Change Your Life

  1. They will teach you responsibility. This is wonderful for everyone, especially children. Your pet looks to you for guidance, Feeding and walking your pet teach responsibility. This is a great way for kids to get involved with the family pet.
  2. You will be in better shape. Just like us humans, dogs need exercise. Getting outside and walking your dog a few times a day will make you AND your dog feel better!
  3. You will become more social. Once you own a dog, you enter into a club. A kinship with other dog owners. A trip to the dog park often serves two purposes; exercise for your pooch and socialization with other dog owners.
  4. Dog help alleviate stress and anxiety. I suffer from anxiety and I just feel better better when I’m around my dog. There are numerous studies showing that just having a dog in the room makes us feel less stressed.
  5. You learn empathy. Dogs cannot talk so it’s sometimes hard to know what they are thinking. Caring for a pet teaches us empathy because we are caring for another living thing.
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