20 American Girl DIY Ideas

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Here's 20 American Girl DIY Ideas that you'll be sure to love.

Here’s 20 American Girl DIY Ideas that you’ll be sure to love.

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Do your kids have an American Girl Doll? My daughters do and we are hooked. My oldest daughter received her first American Girl Doll a few years ago for Christmas and it was a Just Like Me doll that looks exactly like her: dark skin, dark hair and dark eyes. She’s my Native American baby. My youngest received a Bitty Baby a few months later and immediately fell in love. Recently, we added the 2017 American Girl of the Year, Lea Clark and Camille Wellie Wisher to our American Girl Doll collection.

I know American Girl products can be on the pricey side but I also love the wholesome play that comes from their products and keeps my girls off our electronics. They play with their American Girl Dolls daily for several hours at a time. Heck, even I enjoy dressing them up and helping them with their dolls and getting in on the action.

If you love American Girl Dolls as much as we do, you probably try to save money on their accessories as you can. There are so many fun American Girl Doll DIY ideas and crafts on Pinterest that it can be overwhelming. Today on the blog we are sharing 20 American Girl DIY ideas. These ideas are fun and most are easy enough for even the least crafty people.

Here's 20 American Girl DIY Ideas that you'll be sure to love.

20 American Girl DIY Ideas

  1. American Girl Food DIY Pizza from Simply Southern Sunshine – How adorable is this American Girl sized pizza? It’s made of foam, too and won’t break the bank if the pieces get lost!
  2. No Sew American Girl Costume from This Mama Loves – I love this little pumpkin costume. It’s no sew and won’t take you long to make! It’s perfect when your little one asks for a Halloween costume for your baby.
  3. How to Make a Wooden Doll Couch and Chair from Milk and Cuddles – Love American Girl size furniture but not the price tags? Me too! Milk and Cuddles shows you how to make a doll size chair and couch for cheap!
  4. DIY Doll Camping Equipment from Crafty Moms Share – My daughters LOVE to pretend play with their American Girl dolls so this 18″ doll sized camping equipment is perfect!
  5. 18″ Doll Bag Pattern That Kids Can Sew from Mama Smiles Joyful Parenting – My daughters love crafts and anything crafty for their dolls is at the top of their list!
  6. American Girl DIY Ice Cream Cart from American Girl Ideas – My daughters were begging for the Our Generation Ice Cream Truck (Target brand) and would have settled for the less expensive My Life Ice Cream Truck (Walmart brand) but a DIY ice cream cart is right up my alley!
  7. DIY Horse Stable from The Girl Inspired – Don’t want to spend an arm & leg on an American Girl stable or even a knock-off brand that is still pricey, try you hand at making your own.
  8. DIY American Girl Bottles & Napkins from The Real Thing with The Coake Family – If your kiddos love bubbles, make sure to save the containers. They are the perfect size for American Girl size beverages!
  9. American Girl Picnic Table & Bench – This fun DIY set would go perfectly with the DIY Doll Camping Equipment.
  10. DIY Hammock for American Girl Dolls from Liberty Jane Patterns – Let your American Girl Doll lounge in her free time with this cool DIY hammock!
  11. American Girl Matching Blanket and Pillow Tutorial from Polka Dot Chair – This set is so cute! My sewing machine is on the fritz but as soon as it’s up and running again, this is on my to-make list!
  12. DIY Pineapple Purse from American Girl Fan – This cute little DIY Pineapple Purse is perfect for Lea to take on all her adventures!
  13. DIY Lighted Bakery Case from Many Small Friends – This adorable bakery case is perfect for dolls that love to bake (Grace!!) and adorable!
  14. American Girl DIY Snowcones from Baby Doll Zone – Even American Girl Dolls love cool summer treats and kids will love helping make these!
  15. American Girl Doll Closet from Down Home Inspiration – Make and store all your doll’s outfits and accessories in this adorable DIY closet.
  16. Mini Suitcases from I Creative Ideas – Not necessarily for American Girl Dolls but super cute and would be perfect for 18″ doll suitcases!
  17. 3 Story American Girl or 18″ Doll House from Ana White – I saved the best for last. How FUN is this?! I would’ve died having this as a little girl!!! My husband will soon be building an 18″ doll house for my girls and I think I’m even more excited than the girls are!
  18. 18″ Doll No Sew Dress Tutorial from Terrell Family Fun – I love pillow case dresses and used to make them for my girls when they were babies! How cute are they for 18″ dolls?!
  19. FREE 18″ Doll Printable Accessories from 100 Things 2 Do – I need to get some printer ink asap for these adorable 18″ doll printables!
  20. DIY American Girl Doll Closet from My Frugal Adventures – Why spend a fortune on an 18″ doll closet when you can make one for pennies and it’s SO cute!

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Here's 20 American Girl DIY Ideas that you'll be sure to love.


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