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This inexpensive DIY outdoor pallet bed is easy to make and easy on your budget!

This inexpensive DIY outdoor pallet furniture is easy to make and easy on your budget!

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Here at Craft Create Cook we absolutely love anything we can make ourselves: crafts, delicious homemade recipes and awesome DIY projects! A few summers ago, I became obsessed with outdoor pallet furniture projects. I kept seeing them all over Pinterest and other blogger friends were posting their projects too. I was hooked. I started thinking of all the cool and unique things I could make using old pallets.

The first DIY project I wanted to tackle was an outdoor pallet couch for our front porch. I searched Pinterest for days on end. Looking for the perfect idea. Of course, Pinterest is just that, a place of awesome ideas. I didn’t find the exact couch I wanted but I was able to come up with my own idea that would fit perfectly in the large empty corner of our covered porch.

First, I needed pallets. Lots of free pallets. I wasn’t sure on how many I needed but knew I’d need at least 9-10 to start. I started by asking friends and family if they knew of any local places where I could get free pallets. Then I called my local Home Depot and Lowes but they actually sell them for $20 each OR return to the manufacturer. No thanks. I called our local Ace Hardware and they told me they left their scrap pallets on the side of the building and I could take them at any time. Score!!!

I grabbed my husband’s truck and went in search of pallets. I found enough in a few days to get started. I also stocked up on about 10 cans black spray paint at my local hardware store. Using coupon and sale I spent about $30 total. I’m sure I could’ve used a different paint but I was new to the DIY world of pallets. Plus, spray paint is just SO easy.

Once I got home and unloaded the pallets I got to work. First, I laid down several old sheets on the garage floor and laid the pallets face up on the sheet. I began by spraying each top with one coat of black spray paint. Once they were dry I went back over with a second coat to get any spots I missed.

Once all my pallets were painted to my liking, I hauled them up onto the porch. I then stacked them 3 high and placed 2 behind on the long wall standing up and 1 on the short wall, as shown in the photos. Once I had all the pallets where I wanted them, I rummaged through the garage and found black zip ties. I used these to secure the standing back pallets along the wall.

Lastly, I brought up an old twin mattress we had in our basement and bought some new (cheap) sheets and cute coordinating pillows.

I also had some old couch foam (purchased cheap at a garage sale) that I wrapped in a twin flat sheet and placed in between the mattress and the pallet wall for extra padding.

When the project was all said and I done I spent about $50 total.

This inexpensive DIY outdoor pallet furniture is easy to make and easy on your budget!

How to make Outdoor Pallet Furniture


  1. Spray paint each pallet to your liking and let dry. Repeat as needed.
  2. Stack the pallets to how you want them arranged.
  3. Zip tie the standing pallets so they stay put.
  4. Cover the twin mattress with a fitted sheet and set on top of the pallet bed.
    Coordinate with pillows.
  5. If utilizing foam, cover with a fitted sheet and duct tape the edges so the flat sheet stays secured around the foam. Wrap the foam like you would wrap a gift. Place the covered foam behind the twin mattress as extra padding.

This inexpensive DIY outdoor pallet furniture is easy to make and easy on your budget!

There you have it! An easy and unique pallet bed! We loves ours for lounging in the evenings. I love settling in a reading a book while the kids run around the yard.

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This inexpensive DIY outdoor pallet furniture is easy to make and easy on your budget!


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    This is the coolest idea. I am going to do this project. Thank you for idras without using cutting tools?, not really adept at machinery. Again thank you very much and your sofa looks beautiful, also love the red covers.

    July 8, 2017 at 9:48 pm
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