How to Thrift Shop Like a Pro

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Learn How to Thrift Shop Like a Pro and make your pocket book happy with our 9 simple tips.

Learn How to Thrift Shop Like a Pro and make your pocket book happy with our 9 simple tips.

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Over the last couple years I have come to love thrift store shopping. I have found so many cool things like an old metal gumball machine that I repainted white and gold, a like-new Stickley armoire (which is a super expensive piece), and many name brand clothing items. I’m also learning as I go, and I’m sharing my tips how I Thrift Shop Like a Pro:

9 Simple Tips to Thrift Shop Like a Pro:

  1. Research: Check out before you head out for your day of shopping. All you have to do is simply type in your zip code/state and it will list all the local thrift stores in your area. This is especially nice if you are thrifting out of town.
  2. Donate: Some thrift stores like Goodwill offer coupons for donating items, so make sure you go through different areas of your house each time you plan on shopping. You can declutter your house and save money at the same time.
  3. Know store sales: Check with each store and ask them which days they offer specials such as, fill a bag for a buck, half off certain color tags, or B1G1. I always like going to Goodwill on Sundays because I know that’s when their half off tags change colors so all the items I’ve been eyeing during the week might be on sale. Learn How to Thrift Shop Like a Pro and make your pocket book happy with our 9 simple tips.
  4. Go often: Sometimes going into your favorite thrift store a few times a week is worth it. You don’t need to stay long, just browse for 10 minutes and see if you see anything new. Sometimes I go in on a Wednesday and come back on Saturday and find a handful of name brand items I just can’t pass up.
  5. Poshmark or eBay: If you see an awesome name brand item that’s not quite your size but has a great price tag, buy it. Check it over carefully for holes, tears, and stains before doing so, take great pictures, and post it for sale. You usually can make a few bucks doing so. I found a Kate Spade button down blouse that originally ranges from $200-$300 for $3.99 and sold it for $78  on eBay. Now those finds don’t come often and there are fees involved but when they come it’s awesome.
  6. Shop Online: In addition to selling items on Postmark or eBay, you can also shop. Sometimes it’s nice to be able to browse through only brands that you like or only new items with tags. I recently bought some new shoes off Poshmark that were still in the box for a steal.
  7. Check your Items: Carefully inspect your items for odors, scratches, dents, pilling, holes, snags, tears, broken zippers, buttons, and stains. You don’t want to get home and be stuck with items that are damaged unless you are planning to repair them. A lot of thrift stores don’t offer a return policy.
  8. Must Buy Item: Books! Books are one of those things that once you read once or twice you usually don’t pick up again (unless it’s a favorite of course). I find so many kids chapter books in great condition. Add them to your home library and hand it down once you are finished reading.
  9. Smartphone: Bring your smartphone shopping! If something catches your eye, look it up on Google to make sure you er getting a good price. I look up brands all the time wondering, “Is this dress really worth the $20 price tag?” Yes, sometimes I’m super cheap and put items back because after all it is thrifting.

Do you have any thrifting secrets you’d like to share? Let us know in the comment section below!

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Learn How to Thrift Shop Like a Pro and make your pocket book happy with our 9 simple tips.

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