Rainbow Shower Jellies

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If your looking to make your regular ol' shower routine a little more exciting, then you'll want to make these Rainbow Shower Jellies!

If your looking to make your regular ol’ shower routine a little more exciting, then you’ll want to make these Rainbow Shower Jellies!

After finding out that Lush has shower jellies, I wanted to try to make some of my own. I love making DIY household and beauty products. Now they don’t always turn out the way I think, but these turned out fantastic and they were super simple to make.

Whenever I go into bath and body stores, I’m always smelling around for the perfect body wash scent for me. I like to change it up a lot for different seasons. Vanilla in the winter, fruity scents in the summer. This is a perfect way to use up that last little bit of your shower gels.

To start you’ll want to grab these products from around your house or a nearby store:


First, mix your unflavored gelatin into your cup of cold water (not warm or hot, it won’t dissolve). Then pour your gelatin water into your small pot and place it on the stove top on medium heat until your gelatin is fully dissolved. Mix in your body wash. Carefully pour your liquid into your heart molds. Place a small amount of soap colorant onto the end of a toothpick and mix each individual heart with separate colors. Now just set your mold into your fridge for about 4 hours. Wait patiently, then carefully stretch the sides of your molds and push up on the bottom to pop them out.

Use your soap hearts just like you would a body wash, you can break them apart and put them in a loofa or just hold them in your hands. Be careful if might get slippery.

Things to remember:
*These are NOT a food, please keep out of reach of small children.
*The shower might get a little slippery while your using them.
*Store them in a marked (not food/don’t eat) container in the fridge so they don’t melt.

Try making your own 








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