Halloween Safety Tips

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Check out our Halloween Safety Tips to ease your mind this haunting season!

Check out our Halloween Safety Tips to ease your mind this haunting season!

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Look for lights: Only go to houses that have their porch lights on. If lights are out it usually means they aren’t handing out candy or have run out of treats.

Never go inside: Never go inside anyone’s house while trick-or-treating. If someone invites you in, respectfully decline.

Flashlights and glow sticks: It starts to get dark a lot earlier in the fall, wearing glow sticks and carrying a flashlight will help other trick-or-treaters and cars see you.

Look both ways: Cars are still out and about Halloween night so be on the look out and always look both ways before crossing any streets and driveways. Don’t take any shortcuts through backyards or alleys.

Adults chaperone: Kids should always have an adult with them while trick-or-treating. It’s easy to get turned around and lost in the darkness.

Bright and safe costumes: When your child is choosing their Halloween costume, make sure it is fire-resistant and bright colored making you highly visible. Also make sure your children can see and breathe well with any masks they are wearing.

Reflective tape: Use some reflective tape and decorate your kids treat bags and costumes.

Candy check: Adults, check your kid’s Halloween candy before allowing them to eat any and toss any homemade or unwrapped treats. If you find candy that you think has been tampered with, contact your local police department. Some towns offer a free candy inspection.

Pets: A lot of people like to take their pets out and dress them up, be cautious and don’t pet any animals without permission from their owners.

Make a plan: Map out the way you are going to walk for trick-or-treating and go to a familiar neighborhood. Have a plan set in place in case your children get separated from you, like fully charged cell phones, ID tags, or a meeting spot.

Stranger danger: Teach your children about stranger danger and tricky people. Skip any houses if they feel unsafe to you or anyone in your group.

Groups: Stay in small groups and always check to make sure you have everyone in your group before leaving a house.

These are some great tips for having a safe Halloween, of course their are many others. If you have any other ideas you’d like to see on our list please comment below.

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Check out our Halloween Safety Tips to ease your mind this haunting season!

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