Easter Fairy Garden

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Fairy Gardens are perfect for spring, especially Easter!

Fairy Gardens are perfect for spring, especially Easter!

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Fairy gardens have really taken off the last few years. I remember when my kids were babies, was when I really started noticing fairy gardens all over the internet. First was the magical fairy door, an adorable mini door placed at the base of a tree or baseboard in the house. Little girls everywhere loved them and how could you not? It was adorable and anyone could do it.

Fast forward a few years and my little girls were introduced to fairies. My middle daughter has never been extremely girly but liked the idea of fairies. I myself, loved the adorable fairy products that were at the local craft stores. By using coupons I was able to snag a few fairy garden items for 50% off. I even found a fairy kit that included a table, bench and a few other odds and ends for only $14.99 at Home Depot!

Easter Fairy Gardens are perfect for spring!

For this fairy garden I used a lot of what I already had lying around the house and in the fairy box that I keep stored in our mudroom closet. Every spring I haul it out and girls will play for hours setting up little fairy scenes in the living room or even on the front porch. With Easter being this coming weekend, I thought it would be fitting to make a small fairy garden for the girls using what I had on hand. I grabbed a basket and some post offices boxes to make a base and got started!

Easter Fairy Gardens are perfect for spring!

Easter Fairy Gardens



  1. Place the small boxes inside the basket for extra height (optional).
  2. Cover the boxes with the preserved grass (the grass sheds so I suggest doing this over a hard floor or out on the porch where it can be easily swept up with a broom).
  3. Place the fairy figures where you would like them and allow the kids to ‘decorate’ the fairy garden.

That’s it! I let my girls set up everything where they wanted after I laid the grass in the basket. They had a great time and played for at least an hour uninterrupted.

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Easter Fairy Gardens are perfect for spring!


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