5 Ways to Reward Your Dog

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Reward your dog in 5 easy ways!

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A few weeks ago on the blog, I posted 5 Ways A Dog Will Change Your Life and today I’m sharing a few ways to reward your dog. We are all huge animal lovers here at Craft Create Cook and we each have our own fur baby that we love to smother with attention. Sometimes even more than our human kids. Kidding. Ok, not really. There is just something about having a furbaby that makes you feel good.

My baby girl Charlie is almost 12 and I couldn’t imagine my life without her. I remember the day I decided to get her. I was waitressing and worked with a girl whose female German shorthair was having purebred German Shorterhair puppies. I grew up with a German shorthair and a German wirehair and decided it was time for a puppy. My husband and I weren’t married yet but we were living together. I talked to him about getting a puppy and he was all for it. Then I found out the price. Mind you, my husband is particularly frugal and I knew if I told him how much the puppies cost he would have said no, so I fudged the price a bit and every night after my shift I’d give my friend some cash to put toward Charlie. The day we picked Charlie up my husband fell in love with her and so did I. I am still head over heels for Chucks as I like to call her. She’s my baby girl and always will be.

A few years ago I did tell my husband her actual price and he wasn’t thrilled but we both laughed about it. He even said had he of known, he would’ve said no. It was the best white lie I’ve ever told because I couldn’t imagine my life without Charlie girl.

Reward your dog in 5 easy ways!

5 Ways to Reward Your Dog

  1. Dog Treats such as Milk-Bone. They taste great and give them something to look forward too. I swear my dog has me trained better I have her trained. Every time she comes in from outside she walks over to her treat jar and sits. I then walk over and give her a treat. I she’s smarter than me!
  2. Toys are a great way to reward your pet and they don’t have to break the bank. My dog LOVES when we tie 2 socks together and she gets to play tug-o-war with us! If you are gone a while, consider getting your dog toy you can put treats or peanut in. Dogs love peanut butter and it’s a healthy toy/treat they can work on while you are gone.
  3. Petting you pet is a no-brainer but honestly, your pet loves you unconditionally and being stroked, scratched and petted is a great way to show you love them back.
  4. Play with your dog. Another easy way to show affection toward your furry friend and gets you both some exercise.
  5. Your voice. Our pets don’t speak to us but they know the sounds of our voice. They know when we are happy, sad or mad. Praise your dog and let him know how happy you are!

Reward your dog in 5 easy ways!

My favorite way to reward Charlie is with play. She loves to run and LOVES playing tug of war. I don’t like spending a lot on dog toys and often have unmatched socks lying around the laundry room and I tie them together to for an inexpensive and fun dog toy. I also love taking videos and photos of Charlie and Milk-Bone® Gifmaker is a super fun and free way to turn a short video of your fur baby into a GIF.

Reward your dog in 5 easy ways!

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