Cookies & Creme Pi Day Piece Offering

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Share a delicious slice of EDWARDS® pie with a loved one on Pi Day!

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Today, Tuesday March 14th is National Pi Day! When I think of Pi I really think of PIE! My high school chemistry teacher was all about Pi so this is something I will always have in the back of my head come March 14th.

High school chemistry stunk. I’m not going to lie. I sat in the back of the class at one of those high desks and talked most of the class getting the look from Mr. R to zip it. I just didn’t get it and he knew this. I struggled. My best friend who begrudgingly sat near me, was always shushing me but she was the straight A student that always seemed to get any subject regardless of how hard it seemed to me. Needless to say chemistry was not my best subject, in fact, it was probably my worst. Kind of like repeating Algebra II, two times. I’ve yet to use Algebra or Chemistry in my daily life since then. Thanks for making me go to summer math and chemistry school mom and dad!

Ok, so back to Pi Day. Now this is something I relate too. Every spring, Mr. R., the chemistry teacher, would oohh and aaahhh over Pi Day cause Pi stands for 3.14159265359……It’s a measurement of a circle or something and an actual pie is a circle shape so that’s all I need to remember!

I’m pretty sure Pi Day was Mr. R’s favorite day. His wife would bake pies and he would bring them into class on March 14th and share them with his students as a Piece Offering with his classes. A day with pie was a-ok with me! Maybe Chemistry was so bad after all, at least one day out of the school year.

Share a delicious slice of EDWARDS® pie with a loved one on Pi Day!

This Pi Day, make piece with EDWARDS® Pie and share a piece with a friend or loved one. EDWARDS® pies have a fresh-from-the-oven cookie crumb crust, filled with velvety layers of creamy richness and dusted with decadent toppings and lots of yummy delicious flavors to choose from!

I purchased my two favorite EDWARDS® pie flavors: Cookies & Creme Pie and Turtle. Both are filled with delicious chunks of chocolate and a yummy crunchy crust. The kids love both flavors so I never have to worry about anyone not finishing them. So, this Pi Day, share a slice of your favorite EDWARDS® pie with someone you love.

Share a delicious slice of EDWARDS® pie with a loved one on Pi Day!


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