Angry Birds Craft for Kids

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This Angry Birds craft is super cute and easy for kids!

This Angry Birds craft for kids is cute and easy!

Angry Birds. You may have heard of them. First there was the app. I’ll admit it, I was addicted for awhile and then I realized how much time I was wasting shooting these Angry Birds into a bunch of oddly shaped green pigs. I eventually put the phone down and went back to my regularly scheduled mom duties.

Fast forward several years and my kids discovered the apps, with no help from me. They love playing it and often bug me for my phone when we’re out and about, and honestly Angry Birds is about the only kids app on my phone so that’s what they play. I still play too, just not as much as I used too. The kids recently discovered the Angry Birds cartoon on Netflix. Did you know it existed?? Me either! I’ve seen it a few times now. It’s kinda cute in an angry way I suppose.

Now, there’s finally a movie. I can’t believe I didn’t see it coming all those years ago. I’m not surprised as the kids are stoked. I mean STOKED. It’s all the 7 year old keeps asking me about ‘Can we go see it when it comes out mom?? Can we? Can we??’ I keep responding with ‘Maybe’ and ‘We’ll see.’ Who am I kidding, I’ll take the kids, they’ll love it and I probably will, too.

I know the movie will be huge. Like, monumental. So, I decided to combine my love of crafts and Angry Birds and look what happened!  These absolutely adorable, err, Angry Birds K-Cups. I love these little guys and I’m pretty sure your kids will too. My daughter set them all up and played with them for over an hour. Score! So, let’s get to crafting!

Materials needed


  1.  Spray paint each k-cup in a well ventilated area and let dry for 1 hour. After 1 hour check the color, and if needed, spray again and let dry another hour.
  2. Give each k-cup character a pair of googly eyes.
  3. Each Angry Birds character needs black eyebrows. The thick black eyebrows make the birds AND pigs angry. Cut a 1/2″ strip of black electrical tape and then carefully cut down the middle long ways. Give each character a pair of eyebrows. You might need to trim the tape a little bit to fit the eyebrows on the cups.
  4. Starting with the green pig, take a piece of green foam and cut out a small oval snout and glue it onto your pig. Use the large black Sharpie to give him 2 small nostrils.
  5. Next, cut out 2 small pig ears from the green foam. I didn’t measure, I just cut 2 small ovals and then cut the bottoms to make them straight. Cut a small circle from the black electrical tape, place it in the middle of the ears and then glue the ears onto the pig using a glue stick. Or you can draw black on the ears with a Sharpie.
  6. Next, take one bird at a time and give each a pair of wings using the matching foam color. Cut out a pair of small tear drops for each bird. Use the glue stick to affix them to the birds sides.
  7. Cut 3 small half moon shapes out of the white sticky back felt for the front of each Angry Bird. Remove the felt backing and place on each bird.
  8. Use the yellow foam to cut a small beak for the light blue bird and use the orange foam for the orange beaks on the red and yellow birds.
  9. Lastly give each bird a coordinating feather by sticking it in the top hole (bottom) of the k-cup.

Voila! Cute Angry Bird crafts the kids will love to help with! And play with!


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